Interview with someone 50+

In this assignment, I will be interviewing my 73 year old grandmother, Regena Baynard.  She grew up in Ohio and moved her and her family to North Carolina in 1969 after the civil rights movement ended.  Although being white, she did not like the violence but wanted to move down south.  So a year after the civil rights movement ended, she moved to Cherryville.  Being born right when World War 2 ended, she got to see some of the most best selling films of all time.  Now 50 years later being her grandson, I get to interview her and learn some about her movie experience that I didn’t know before.  Interview took place Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

Me: What is your favorite film to this date?

Regena: Personally my favorite film is Star Wars, mainly the aspect of just being able to discuss it with you since you also love the series. I love being able to talk about it, making theories, and trying to discuss what all happens.

Me: Do you watch much films at home or at theatre?

Regena: Well I really go to the theater more mainly to take you to see some movies we both want to see. I watched some of my favorite movies in theatre like Star Wars as I was talking about earlier. I loved watching it and then discussing it with you. I loved being able to watch something and just discussing it with someone else who also liked it. Like how we watched The Last Jedi back in 2017, we were constantly talking about it and talking about all that happened and what all excited us. Also with The Hans Solo story, I loved seeing a lot of theory’s unraveling. I loved learning all the backstory of not just Hans, but other characters too.

Me: How did you feel when Blockbuster ran out of business?

Regena: I really didn’t care. I really prefer Netflix as you just pay a membership fee and get all the movies you want. Also I don’t have to walk to a store to buy a movie, I can just put it up on Netflix and I can watch the movie. I feel like Netflix gain a lot of its popularity mainly because of the convenience.

Me: What if your favorite genre of movies?

Regena: I really like action. I was born in 1945 and I was a tomboy, so I always liked all what the guys liked. Like Zoie (my sister) was into Marvel and Avengers, I was like her when I grew up. I constantly played outside and I guess because of me just simply being a Tomboy as I grew up, I loved a lot of action movies and eventually loved Star Wars so much it became my favorite.

Me: How often do you go to the movies?

Regena: I go there quite a lot, not just for you or the popcorn but to watch movies like it was intended. We’ve done it for a long time now, but we always have seen the new Star Wars movie whenever one comes out ever since we watched The Return of the Jedi together.

Me: What was the last film you watched in theaters?

Regena: The last movie I watched was Mary Poppins Returns. I know you hate musicals ever since your parents tortured you into watching The Greatest Showman on Earth and believe, I didn’t like it either. But I watched Mary Poppins Returns with your mother and we both loved it. She grew up when the original movie was published in the 80’s and she was able to compare it to that. It’s also the movie that you’re mother and father watched together. I can tell you one thing, raising your dad was hard. I thought he wasn’t going to get married but he did, found your mother and when he said he was taking her out to the movies to watch this movie, I had confidence that she was the match.

Me: How do you feel about 3D movies?

Regena: I love them. I may be 73 years old and it may be a little bad for my eyes seeing movies in 3D, but they give me a thrill. I love watching them. I remember watching Monster University in 3D, now that was a thrill.

Me: Anything else you would like to share?

Regena: I can probably say I’m not like most people my age. I prefer today’s movies and ways to get them. I like the better quality and the color. I remember watching To Kill a Mockingbird, being in black and white made it pretty hard to tell who was Atticus. Now obviously it was easy to to tell who he was when he was talking to Jem or Scout, but in the trial it was hard. Now with movies in color, it’s easier to watch.

What Baggage means to me and why

Literal Baggage

Baggage is preconceived expectations you may have heard online, from a friend, or any source about a movie before watching the movie. For me, if baggage didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t watch any movie or TV shows after seeing the teletubbies. However when my friend convinced me to watch Pokemon and told me how good it was, I felt confident and watched it. Baggage is important for us because then we can feel encouraged to watch something. However not all baggage is positive.

Baggage can be negative. For example, one of my friends wanted to get his girlfriend and watch The Greatest Showman on Earth. We already discussed how much I despise it. So I gave him negative baggage on it. I told him how annoying it was every 15 minutes during an important dialogue that they would just randomly start singing. So he didn’t watch it. There is nothing wrong with negative baggage because we probably wouldn’t be human if we loved every movie and didn’t hate any.

From The Greatest Showman on Earth

However, baggage is what other people think. You can see a negative review from people and then watch the movie yourself to find it be the best film you ever watched. It can be the exact opposite too. Like my little sister’s favorite TV show is The Office. She recommended it to me because it was a comedy. However with her only being 12 years old, I have absolutely no clue over how she gets half of the jokes in it. I didn’t understand it and disliked it. What you should take from this is that everyone thinks differently, so if you’re given baggage, it might not be what you expected.

From The Office

What Film means to me

Greetings, I am Zachery Baynard. I am currently a freshman at CECHS. With the experience of watching many movies and films, I can easily say that my favorite type of movies are comedy and science fiction.

Typically I spend my friday nights watching Try Not to Laugh Challenges on youtube, and I love them. I love watching funny stuff, which has lead me to love comedy movies.

As for science fiction, I absolutely love science. Although math is my favorite subject, science is second because I love learning about the things around us. My favorite things to study in science are the universe and the past. With this, I began to love science fiction.

However when there is love, there is also hate. For example, I love math. However, I hate english/reading. This can go with movies as well. I already stated that I love comedy and science fiction but that doesn’t mean I love all movie genres. In fact, my three least favorite genres are musicals, romances, and horror.

I actually started hating musicals last July when I was on a beach trip with my family. One night, we decided to watch The Greatest Showman on Earth. Although I do believe that making a movie retracing the story of the Burnable Bailey Circus was pretty unique, I don’t think that did it in the right manor. About every 15 minutes, the characters would stop dialogue and sing. Although I love music, I don’t like it when music is implemented into movies. Sure, having music in the credits makes the credits more special, but not exactly during the film. I am one who doesn’t like distractions during the movie, and it pains me when the main characters are getting to the good part in a movie and just randomly start singing.

From The Greatest Showman on Earth

I have never been a person into romance. I’ve never been interested in girls. Even today as a 14 year old, I have no intentions to date. Although I classify myself as normal, my parents don’t. Although I understand their intentions, with my mom constantly dating guys back to back when she was my age, I still am not interested in romance. This makes romances a pain for me to watch, especially when I have to suffer 30 seconds of 2 people kissing obnoxiously. Like in the real world, who would be kissing like this out in public? Why would people try to make out in front of a whole restaurant? I know I may have been a little harsh, but to get the gist of what I’m saying, I personally don’t believe romance has much connection to the real world.

The last and probably my least favorite genre is horror. As a person, I’m afraid of a lot of things such as heights, snakes, and knives (I prefer not to say why). Fear is also my least favorite emotion, and movies typically are optional to watch. This makes me absolutely hate horror movies as I hate the fact I chose to give myself my least favorite emotion and I can’t even enjoy the movie without my heart beating faster than the speed of light.

From The Shining

Now to stop being so critical, let’s talk about my experience with movies. The first time I even used a TV at a daycare, we watched the teletubbies. I mean who didn’t? But that made me hate television as I was freaking out as the teletubbies were scary and looked like monsters that want to eat me. Although this was way back in 2005 when I was 1, I still am afraid to the teletubbies to this day even now as a teen. However, that didn’t make me hate television, but it made me hate it until I was 5. I created some of my best memories when I went to spend the night with a friend. He wanted to make me not so afraid of television. So we watched some Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime and I loved it, mainly because Pikachu wasn’t a teletubbie. So when I got home that next day, I started watching not just pokemon, but more shows, stuff an average kid would watch such as Phineas and Ferb and Naruto. Although I was into TV shows and anime, I wasn’t into movies until I read and watched Harry Potter when I was in the fifth grade. I read and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and I loved it. It encouraged me to read the rest of the series. I didn’t care that Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix was 870 pages long, I still wanted to read it because I enjoyed the series. Soon after I finished Harry Potter, I was into The Hunger Games. I read and watched all movies and loved it as much as Harry Potter.

From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

However I didn’t watch my favorite movie until I was in the 7th grade. About a week before we got out for the summer, I watched The Maze Runner with my little sister. She had just read the book and wanted to see the movie. However, she was only 10 years old and about to finish the fourth grade, so it would have been inappropriate for her to watch it alone. So I was willing to watch it with her. We watched it and I absolutely fell in love with the movie. I loved everything about the movie. So I read the book myself and glaringly, I loved it too. I then read and watched it’s sequels The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. I also read the prequel The Kill Order. I loved them too and began to fall in love with The Maze Runner.

Zachery Baynard

January 29, 2019